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My story: How Amber Lynn Photography became. LOTS of trial and error, defeat, discouragement, confidence, drive, defeat, and well, basically repeat. Let's face it: as photographers we all come to that point when we want to quit. We think our work is not good enough, we aren't getting enough clients, or not enough followers on our Instagram. But all of that is part of the journey.

Rewind back to 6th grade:

On a field trip to Yosemite National Park, I took a picture of a waterfall with a disposable camera. That was the beginning of my photography journey. When I developed those photos and saw the picture, I felt proud of my work. From that day forward I fell in love with not only the camera but with being able to capture the beauty of the world around me. It truly changed me, because it changed how I look at the world. From that day, I knew I would be a documenter of life. I knew I always wanted to have a camera in my hand. And now I do. I document everything. Even before Instagram I had printed more photos than I could count from my elementary, middle and high school days. You can imagine it’s a blast to look back them on now.

In my senior year of high school I took a yearbook class (figured it would just be an easy A, right?!) but I ended up falling in love. Graphic design came naturally to me and with my teacher’s encouragement, I ended up pursuing a career in graphic arts.

When college came round, I majored in graphic design and loved it. Knowing that I always wanted to have a family, I figured graphic design would be the perfect job to allow me to work from home, if I wanted. Being an art major was the best. I got my degree in graphic design but also found time to take photography classes. Then, not long after graduation, I started Amber Lynn Photography which allow me to use both arts together. Starting and owning my own business I has been a process but I have loved every step of the way.

I love photographing all subjects, but above all, I am a people person. Being around people feeds my soul. If I’m completely honest, probably my favorite thing about being a photographer is meeting people, hearing their stories and watching their love grow. And now that I have my own daughter, being the one to capture the beginning of a couple’s life long journey is that much sweeter. I am beyond grateful to my past and present clients for trusting me to give them that gift! I truly am forever honored!

Thank you to all my friends, family, and other mentors who have helped me along this journey. For my teacher, who saw something in me that led me on this path. I wouldn't be where I am today without their support. We all have to start somewhere, whatever it is we are pursuing in life. I know it's tough not to compare ourselves to others, but remember that even those you look up to are likely looking up to someone they admire. We are all in the same boat--we are all somewhere in the process. So, please, never hesitate to reach out. I would be happy to help in any way I can, so we can learn from each other. I’ll never forget those who helped me and who are still helping me everyday.

First camera, T2i. Still have that baby!

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It’s nice to meet you! Along with being a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I’m also a wife and a mother. Most days you can find me in sweat pants with messy hair working from bed as my two-year old daughter and golden doodle run around our cozy apartment. When I’m not working, I love to be outdoors and on little adventures with my family. We only have one life, I believe in making it count, keeping it real, meeting new people and singing at the top of your lungs with the radio up and the windows down.